Netshield NetSHIELD

SnoopWall’s patented NetSHIELD™ Appliances will immediately provide you with a view and control of all your intranet assets and network touch points behind your corporate firewall. With the ability to detect, alert and block against rogue and malicious insiders, you will dramatically reduce the risk of an internal breach and data theft. Without any heavy lifting or changes to your network infrastructure, these non-inline appliances are designed to scale from your smallest remote office to your largest data center at headquarters. When it comes to risk management and regulatory compliance, reporting and remediation are a few clicks away. It’s your network. Take control from the inside.

Over 80% of all successful network security attacks originate behind the corporate firewall. This plus the corporate trend of employee-owned devices making their way onto the workplace network, means your front door has become your back door. It's time to take charge of internal intrusion prevention in a way that is faster, easier, less expensive than anything else you'll find on the marketplace today.

The solution is NetSHIELD. It's a next generation internal security appliance that helps you keep a keen eye on the comings and goings of network equipment, trusted employees and most importantly, malicious insiders and rogue access. NetSHIELD is not only designed to provide you an answer to internal intrusion defense, it can be optionally upgraded to work with SnoopWall's next generation MobileSHIELD endpoint security technology - that already assumes every mobile device is infected. MobileSHIELD gives you an easier to deploy solution on top of managing network access control Netshield3 (NAC) and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile device management (MDM) dilemma. Deployed in minutes to hours, not weeks to months. And always, within budget. Enter NetSHIELD.


Have a legacy NetClarity, Blackbox, or Netbeat NAC device?

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