SnoopWall’s patent-pending MobileSHIELD endpoint agent is easily managed by the patented NetSHIELD Enterprise appliances through the optional BYOD Command Center. Employees will rest assured that while they own their own smartphone, tablet or laptop, they can do what they want with it when they are offsite and not within the corporate network or geofence.

However, when they enter the corporate network with their personally owned ‘bring your own device’, they can’t put you or your business at risk. Most breaches happen from infected and rogue mobile devices. MobileSHIELD endpoint agent receives and enforces policies only while within the corporate environment. Employees will no longer feel stuck with a “GOOD” managed device in one pocket and their private uncontrolled and unmanaged smartphone in their other pocket. The convergence of consumer privacy and business data security has arrived. Enter MobileSHIELD.


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On-site direct installation support is provided from our Philadelphia and D.C. Metro area facilities.