SecureAuth Identity Provider™ (IdP)

Enterprise-proven Identity Provider Technology for Cloud, Mobile, and Network Security

Your team is staffed with seasoned I.T. security pros, but big challenges from inside and outside the firewall are stealing focus from more strategic projects. Our peerless SecureAuthIdP solution was designed to save you time and overhead by solving a myriad of problems with one complete, enterprise-class solution that transforms you into an identity provider.

Now you can streamline the process of enforcing and extending security standards to all your on-premise and cloud-based applications and mobile devices. Our elegant architecture eliminates the need for traditional network access controls for standard users as well as last-generation hardware-based user authentication products, client software, server agents, and related tools.

Streamlined SSO and Native Two- and Three-factor Authentication for Cloud, Mobile, and Web

SecureAuth IdP is the only solution that cost-effectively combines SSO and native single, two- and three-factor authentication in one platform for cloud and web applications. This groundbreaking unified approach to identity workflow is a radical departure from deploying separate products– an approach that simply doesn’t work for the cloud.

Scalable and Extensible: SecureAuth IdP is highly extensible and fully scalable to meet your precise identity governance needs as well as to help fulfill all regulatory requirements for cloud and web applications across all platforms.

Lower Costs, Full Control–Regardless of Platform: SecureAuth IdP enables a simple process for establishing the same level of security and control you’ve set up for your on-premise applications to cloud and mobile applications—and using your already-established Active Directory or other directory roles and permissions. SecureAuth makes multi-product deployments obsolete while minimizing risk, increasing productivity, and reducing management costs.

Elements of the SecureAuth IdP Solution

SecureAuth is software that includes:

These elements are implemented in a single, extensible platform that dramatically eases and speeds the process of implementing the following on-premise, in the cloud, or on mobile devices: