Maintenance Contracts

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Cyberoam understands your needs, and appreciate your hard efforts to keep your business running smoothly.
To ensure business continuity, our best-in-class security solutions are delivered with an extensive and committed range of support services. Our services ensure that your systems receive continuous security & protection against emerging threats. Committed real-time support gives you direct access to our technical support engineers, who provide your staff with immediate access to Cyberoam resources for rapid response.
Cyberoam's comprehensive support programs are aimed at providing resources and knowledge needed to keep operations running smoothly and help you to recover swiftly from network breakdowns Ongoing updates take care of ever evolving threats, helping you to reinforce pre-emptive security, ensuring a safe working environment. Our extensive support which originates from our vast knowledge base, case collection, and strong service-support ethics, ensures security, continuity and connectivity at all times.
Range of programs
Cyberoam Support Programs offer a comprehensive range of support services that best suit your needs. Basic, Advanced1 and Premium levels of support give you increased value and benefits based on your organizational requirements.
24/7 Support
Mission critical services need to be up and running continually. We ensure that you have access to support 24/7. Cyberoam support is provided through all modes of communication - phone, web, email and chat.
Access latest updates, upgrades, patches, and hot fixes for 365 days 24/7. We ensure that your business has up-to-date protection against emerging threats saving your time and associated costs.
Transparent online services
All you need to do is login to your account, and from there you can see all the updates made on your ticket. We maintain every detail about your ticket and update it frequently so that every transaction is known to you.
Click Support through Knowledge-base & Case Collection Centre
Our vast, comprehensive, and easy to understand knowledge base takes care of your basic or advanced queries through technical guides, in-depth solutions, case-studies, articles etc., and provides you with quick, easy to access support. Access case documents, narrating problems and solutions faced by our current or past customers through our Online Case Collection Centre. This enables you to increase your internal skills and resolves your queries faster.
Unlimited support
You get unlimited support for any number of questions you have. Count on us to provide you with best technical support for all your network concerns.
Personalized Services
Our Premium Support Plan offers you personalized services. We assign a dedicated account manager who is in tune to your company's requirements. Your account manager will work closely with you as an extension to your team, and will provide you with personalized consultation services.
Based on your needs we offer three plans
Basic Support
Premium Support
Hot Fixes and Enhancement upgrades
Software & OS upgrades
Signature & database update
Access to KB and TAC Case collection
Limited Hardware warranty & Replacement
Support by phone/ chat /email
First response time
4 hrs
30 min
Support Services
8 x 5 Business Day
24 x 7 everyday
Return and replacement policy
10 days
Next Business Day
Advance replacement policy
Security updates through email
Onsite Assistance
Review meetings
Dedicated Account Manager
Download the PDF Files for the Support Plan
- Basic Support
- Premium Support

 1 Note: Advanced Support shown on the Cyberoam site is not available in the Americas