Wi-Fi Appliances

Secure Wi-Fi connectivity

Cyberoam Wi-Fi security appliances protect home and remote offices and public Wi-Fi access providers from intrusions, identity theft through MAC spoofing, DoS attacks and malware entry.

Cyberoam CRwi Wi-Fi appliances offer Layer 8 Identity-based security, providing high levels of security with flexibility in wireless LANs. The appliances support 802.11n/b/g wireless standards. They combine the features of a router and Cyberoam’s complete set of UTM features, offering reduced TCO to organizations.

Feature Feature Description Benefit
Layer 8 Identity-based Wi-Fi Access

User identity-based access to Wi-Fi

Unique employee and guest policies based on:

  • Username or group
  • Schedule
  • Categories of web access
  • Data transfer limit
  • Bandwidth availability
  • Application Layer 7 Policies

Eliminates the security gaps in pre-shared keys used by organizations

Higher security levels as guest access rights are time bound

Enhances data and network security

Multiple Virtual Access Points Allows up to 8 virtual access points – creates segregated networks in the same physical area

Creates Wi-Fi zones by functions or groups, separating them from guest zones

Controls guest Internet and network access

High security with flexibility, Eg. Sales, marketing, finance, design grouped into different zones

Data leakage prevention and security of sensitive network resources by separating and controlling guest access

MIMO Technology


Controls wireless bandwidth and coverage

Higher throughput

Customization to suit business needs

Layer 8 Identity-Based Reporting

Extensive logging and reporting with username

Trace of guest user and employee activity

Choice of options with on-appliance reporting, centralized logs and reports with CCC and Cyberoam iView

Quick identification that enhances security

Meets regulatory compliance requirements