Cyberoam iView Organizations today face the onslaught of rapidly evolving external threats and an almost equal share of insider threats. The fact that their remote offices are spread around the world and the usage of multiple devices within their networks compounds the security issue, making it imperative for them to have a comprehensive visibility of network activity of central as well as remote locations.
Cyberoam iView – The Logging & Reporting Appliance
The Cyberoam iView appliance series offers visibility into activity within the organization for high levels of security, data confidentiality and regulatory compliance. It provides an organization-wide security picture on a single dashboard through centralized reporting of multiple devices across geographical locations. This enables organizations to apply or correct security policies from a central location, enhancing security.
Cyberoam iView’s graphical reports can be drilled down to the third level of information, allowing administrators to view numerous reports on a single page for a continuous view over multiple network parameters.
Cyberoam iView enables organizations to locate the weak link in the system through identity-based attack reports like top attacks, top applications used by attackers, top spam recipients, top viruses and more. This allows quick problem identification and resolution while meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance. Identity-based information like top users consuming maximum bandwidth for uploads and downloads, top accept and deny rules, top applications used, and more help organizations to manage their resources and plan for their future needs in addition to enhance security levels.
   Key Features
Log Management
Aggregated Reporting
Identity-based Reporting
Security Management
Compliance Reporting
Forensic Analysis
Logging & Reporting
Multiple Devices Support
Cyberoam iView appliances offer intelligent logging-reporting for multiple network devices including UTM firewalls, Linux IP Tables/Net Filter firewall and Squid, with many more to be added. This enables organizations to receive logs-reports over a single GUI for simplified reporting.
Terabyte Storage Space
Cyberoam iView provides Terabyte storage space for the archiving requirements that come with logging-reporting activity.
Data Redundancy
Cyberoam iView appliance uses RAID technology to offer redundancy and high levels of storage reliability for organizations which ensures the safety of the appliance in the event of a hard disk failure.