ESET Endpoint Security for Android

ESET Endpoint Security for Android protects your business from malware infections, intercepts unwanted phone calls and filters SMS/MMS spam to minimize data loss risk. It enables your IT manager to remotely monitor and control the security level of your Android smartphones/tablets, without the cost and complexity of a Mobile Device Management solution. ESET Endpoint Security for Android helps your business respond to the "consumerization of IT" while maintaining control over data and device usage. Security logs provide details for compliance reporting and can be used to enforce custom policies on Android mobile devices to reduce your business's security risk.

ESET Mobile Security for Android means: Real-time Protection

Prevents malware infiltration to company smartphones and tablets. Protects all applications, files and memory cards from prying eyes.

Remote Administration

Monitor the security status of your smartphone fleet, run on-demand scans, push security policies and set passwords to prevent unauthorized uninstallation. Get an overview of the platforms, OS versions and other device information to stay up-to-date on your smartphones’ security.

Broad Compatibility

Suitable for all Android-based devices including Smartphones, Tablets, eReaders, etc.

Solutions for Windows Mobile and Symbian also available.

System Requirements

Operating System:
Android 2.0 and higher
(Remote Wipe and Uninstall protection available on Android 2.2 and higher)

Free memory: 1 MB
RAM: 128+ MB
Internal memory: 5+ MB
SD card: Required
Screen: Touch screen (minimal 240x320px, recommended 320x480px)
Processor: 600+ MHz
Internet connection

Features and Benefits

Minimize Data Loss Risk

On-access Scanning
Protects all applications, files and memory cards with the ESET NOD32 proactive technology optimized for mobile platforms. Advanced scanning protects company smartphones and tablets from threats attempting to access the system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

On-demand Scanning
Provides reliable scanning and cleaning of integrated memory and exchangeable media. Scan the entire device or only specified folders.

Uninstall Protection
One password controls it all. Only authorized persons will be able to uninstall or change settings in ESET Endpoint Security for Android (version 2.2 and higher).

Maintain Control over Data and Device Usage

SMS/MMS Antispam
Filter out unwanted SMS/MMS messages. Define custom blacklists / whitelists or simply block all unknown numbers.

Call Blocking
Block calls from unknown or hidden numbers and restrict outbound calls to unwanted numbers.

Ease of Reporting and Compliance Monitoring

Frequent and Flexible Reports
All mobile device logs are automatically sent to ESET Remote Administrator as often as every hour. From this data, reports are generated such as "Top Clients with the Most SMS Spam" and "Top SMS Spammers" to alert you to which devices need corrective action.

Security Audit
An on-demand security audit checks the status of all vital phone functions that could pose possible risk, including battery level, Bluetooth status, home network, disk space and running processes.

Administrator Message
Allows administrator to push custom text messages and instructions to managed devices via ESET Remote Administrator. A message priority can be set to normal, warning or critical warning.


Endpoint Security for Android
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