Key Product Features - ESET Secure Authentication

OTP Via Mobile App

Mobile app support for all major mobile operating systems; J2ME app and optional SMS out-of-band mode for legacy devices.

Authentication Service

Consists of ESET RADIUS Server and plug-ins for Outlook Web App/Access, Remote Desktop Web App, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Management Tools

Microsoft Management Console snap-in for service management; Active Directory Users & Computers snap-in for user management.

Business Benefits

Reduced Risk of Data Breach

A unique OTP issued for each session provides added layer of security.

Low Cost of Ownership

No additional hardware tokens, server or appliance required. Convenient for a mobile workforce and companies with a BYOD policy.

Fraud Prevention

Validates the identity of users attempting to access sensitive information using something they know and something they have; PIN-protected mobile app prevents fraudulent use in case of device theft or loss.

Satisfies Industry Compliance

Meets regulatory compliance where strong authentication is recommended or required.

IT Staff Benefits

Doubly Secured Remote Access

Strengthen static password login for applications, VPNs and all RADIUS-based services with additional layer of OTP authentication.

Easy Installation and Few IT Resources Required

Mobile application is simple enough for end users to install and set up without IT intervention; server-side is integrated with familiar and easy-to-use Microsoft management framework, installing from a double-click to automatically recognize OS and select all suitable components for you.

Integrated Event Reporting

Detailed audit trail in Windows Log makes compliance reporting easy.

Connectionless Operation

Once deployed, mobile app works without Internet connection.

Multi-Platform Support

Supports most mobile operating systems so you only need one solution to cover your entire company.

Convenient Access to Technical Support

U.S.-based free technical support.


Add authentication to custom applications or websites developed using .NET, PHP or Java.