ESET Bundle Frequently Asked Questions FAQs)

1. What are ESET Business Security Solutions?

2. Which ESET products does ESET Business Bundles and/or ESET Small Office Security include?

3. What is the difference between ESET Small Office Security and ESET Endpoint Protection?

4. What is included in the various License Packs for Small Business Security Packs?

5. How do I activate and install my ESET Business Security Solution?

6. What do I do with my ESET Business Security Solution license (.lic) files?

7. When does my license expire?

8. Are ESET Business Security Solutions available online as well as in stores?

9. After installing my first ESET Business Security Solutions product, how soon can I activate and install the remainder of the products?

Note: All Protect Bundles are available for purchase on our Store.