Secure Remote access

Allowing employees to work from home or while on the road has many cost saving benefits. Allowing business partners, furthermore, to access certain applications on your network is an important function in the supply chain process. In the healthcare, providers often wish to securely access the health records or practice management software remotely for some work in the morning/evening or access from the EMR system from remote facilities. Links to Labs, pharmacies, mobile imaging systems all need secure remote access.

But is this secure? Is there a chance an eavesdropper will intercept the connection? How can you be assured that my remote teleworkers access securely and are not themselves injecting viruses and Trojans in your systems? Many companies needlessly shy away from allowing remote access from fear of security breach. While the risk of poorly designed system is high, it is relatively easy to secure remote access by a combination of firewalling and secure authentication methodologies. SSL VPNs, IPSEC VPNs, Two Factor Authentication, are all some of the technologies we employ.

"Five years ago, L4 Networks implemented a secure remote access system to allow our medical providers access to our EMR system. It still does what it was designed to do today and there has never been a breach. " C.P., IT Director

We have several cost effective solutions that we have tested, deployed and are easy to support.

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