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If you are looking for a new approach to delivering workplaces, take a look at a Remote Desktop Services and XenApp solution by L4 Networks & Fujitsu. It allows users to connect to their own virtual desktop from the device of their choice (BYOD), whether it is a thin client, PC, notebook, tablet, or other mobile devices.

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L4 Networks & Fujitsu can deliver all the components of a Microsoft Remote Desktop or Citrix XenApp solution using PRIMERGY® Servers, VMware or XenServer, and optionally FUTRO® Thin Clients. Together, these products allow you to construct an excellent infrastructure for small- and medium-sized companies running a standard application environment.

At a Glance:
  • Easy and cost-effective hosted shared solution for small and medium-sized business
  • Configured sizes start at 15 seats
  • Designed around the respected Fujitsu line of PRIMERGY servers
  • Configured,, installed and optionally managed by L4 Networks, a company with over 23 industry experience

Reasons Why:

  • Easy to implement because hosted shared environments offer a complete and cost-efficient central desktop solution in one package
  • Increased flexibility through virtual workplaces enabling features such as roaming and remote access
  • Reduced workplace costs by simplifying desktop support through the replacement of complex desktop systems with "low-maintenance" zero client devices and centralized OS images for easy updates and troubleshooting
  • Compatible with all Remote Desktop Managers & Virtual Desktop Managers
  • Excellent reliability and performance with load balancing and high availability built-in
  • Grow as your business grows using easy expansion options that provide the freedom and flexibility for future business requirements
  • Increased I.T. Security which keeps your data on the secure servers without it being ‘spread out’ onto the less secure and "leaky" client computers.
  • Read more about the benefits here

Why You Should Consider L4 Networks & Fujitsu

End-to-End Approach: Our engineers are trained in Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Linux and are experts in related infrastructure needs. To get VDI or Hosted Desktop sizing right, we gather data from your IT specialists and/or your application vendor and add these to the best practice recommendations from the VDI, Hosted Desktop and Hypervisor vendors (as applicable) to achieve a server specification that has right balance of performance/capacity and cost. We also work closely with the Fujitsu server team to size the server correctly to the VDI solution.

We do not stop there! We also examine your budget targets, redundancy requirements, environmental considerations and related overall project goals.

The result is a plan that covers all the necessary components of a successful project: Servers, Software, Backup, Storage, Clients (Thin & Existing), Security, Network, Training, Migration and overall project management.

Since we have done it before and keep current, it eliminates the lengthy and costly technical consulting cycles that are the hallmarks of the "management consultant" approach.


L4 Networks & Fujitsu enables the delivery of a total solution combining PRIMERGY servers, VMware, XenApp, thin clients, and critical aspects of the I.T infrastructure.

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