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Server Based: Computing VDI & Hosted Shared Desktops

Our engineers are trained in Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Linux. To get VDI or Hosted Desktop sizing right, we gather data from your IT specialists and/or your application vendor and add these to the best practice recommendations from the VDI, Hosted Desktop and Hypervisor vendors to achieve a server specification that has right balance of performance/capacity and cost.

Purpose-Built Servers

We do not use pre-configured general purpose type servers as we have found that this is a sure fire way to get either an under performing machine or one that is over built and therefore more costly than that which is required. Our System Engineers will study your business’ requirements to ensure you receive the best-fitting solution for each of your specific needs. These include:

  • MS Remote Desktop(win2k8 R2, win2k12 R2)
  • Active Directory Servers (win2k8 R2 win2k12 R2)
  • Radius
  • Application Servers
  • File Servers (win2k8 R2, win2k12 R2, Linux)
  • VMware Horizon View, XenDesktop VDI
  • ESXi, XenServer, Hyper-V hypervisors
  • Mail Servers (MS Exchange, Kerio, Linux based)
  • Web Servers (Linux/Apache, MS IIS)


In four words, the benefits are Reliability, Performance and Cost Effective. We are happy to compete with other major brands as our severs will out perform them at a better price with full transparency as to what is inside. Additionally you get a highly tuned server without the bloatware baggage that often comes with some of the major brands.


PRIMERGY Tower Servers
Tower servers (most with rack mount options) are flexible systems for remote site deployments. The PRIMERGY line delivers Intel® Architecture servers with the rock-solid reliability and industry-leading performance you need.

PRIMERGY Rack Servers
Full range of rack-mount servers, from inexpensive 1U power efficient designs to full-bore, eight-socket servers hosting large memory configurations. PRIMERGY Rack servers deliver performance and efficiency for your data center.

PRIMERGY Blade Servers
Power efficient blade servers built upon the Intel® Xeon® family of processors. With two chassis form-factors to choose from, the PRIMERGY blade server portfolio can accommodate the demands of any application.


All Fujitsu servers use high quality brand name components as opposed to no-name components found in inferior systems. These include components from Fujitsu, Intel, Seagate, Hitachi, Crucial, and others. All components are listed on the specifications so you always know what is in the unit.

Warranty & Service

All our units come with a standard 3 year warranty. All units are sold with 4 hours on-site manufacturer warranty service.


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