Is your IT Infrastructure performing at optimum? Your IT Infrastructure is vital to the success of your business. Yet in many organizations for which we are engaged, we find that the systems that are in place are not performing to specifications. Sadly we are often engaged after the organization has spent an untold fortune "throwing more hardware" at the problem. 

In one actual case, a hospital network based primarily upon two vendors' hardware platforms was performing poorly. The hardware vendors recommend upgrades to newer equipment. This was done but performance continued to be poor. Next the vendors blamed each other's systems, not atypical. We were engaged to do an independent analysis of the network. The culprit? -misconfigured routing metrics. Was this a vendor issue or an internal IT staff management or training issue? The answer was yes. Vendors had convinced the hospital into building an overly complex network that was difficult to manage and trouble shoot. The hospital IT staff were poorly trained and did not possess the senior skills necessary to effectively manage and tune the network.

At L4 Networks, we have seen this problem in its numerous manifestations. Whether it is network, server, or workstation related, problems are rarely fixed by throwing more hardware at it. Although we provide point troubleshooting services, often what is needed is a comprehensive network assessment

Each assessment is customized to the specific organization. Typically this can include any of the following:

  • How IT Strategy currently maps to business strategy
  • Review of current operations
  • Physical Plant (power, cabling, environmental)
  • I.T. Network Infrastructure
  • I.T. Security Infrastructure
  • Network vulnerability assessment
  • Host system configuration
  • Software Configuration
  • Organization Structure & Staffing (levels and competencies)
  • Training Cycles
  • Data Integrity /Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Business continuity

This results in a Gap analysis report. Additionally we assist our customers in developing technology plans, how to address identified deficiencies in such areas as organization, network & system management and staff skill base & training. We also point out upcoming issues either with existing installed technology based or external factors. We also assist you in developing a strategy that clearly maps your IT strategy to your business goals.

We just don't talk about IT, we get IT done.SM