Managed IT Services


Loss of productivity due to unavailable I.T. systems results in frustrated employees and customers, lost revenue, and the shifting of focus from your business to that of your I.T. systems. It does not matter what causes this, whether viruses, poor design, hardware failure - the fact remains, it should not happen!

How can we say this? Because we design and manage I.T. environments that are highly stable and our track record proves it.

If your I.T. environment is not rock solid, we can help. Our approach is threefold. First, we immediately identify the major issues and set a remediation plan to stabilize your existing I.T. environment. Second, we collaboratively work with you in order to understand your business needs. Third, we design and implement systems and processes to maximize the alignment of I.T. to your business goals, while simultaneously minimizing the effort needed in its maintenance. The Result: you can concentrate on your business, not on your I.T.

Our services highly flexible. Can manage your entire I.T. Infrastructure, or a subset such as a firewall or server. If you have an internal staff or a even few sharp staffers, we are happy to train them and then step aside and act in the role of second or third line support.

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Summary - Managed I.T. Services

Cyber Security

  • Comprehensive Managed Security (Learn More)
  • Managed Firewall Only (Learn More)
  • Managed EndPoint Security (Learn More)
  • Managed Infrastructure (Learn More)
  • Other
    • Encryption technologies
    • SSL VPN/IPsec Tunnels (office to office, client to office)
    • Security Reporting / Compliance
    • Two Factor Authentication

Managed Infrastructure (Learn More)

  • Core Infrastructure
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Data Backup
    • Remote Access
  • Application Infrastructure
    • Remote Desktop/Citrix/VMware/Thin Client
    • Mail Server
    • Servers
    • Desktop Support
  • VoIP Systems
"A well designed and managed I.T. environment should never require constant attention."

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