If you are planning a new installation, a good place to start, after solidifying requirements, is the development of an architectural framework which will not only support those requirements but allow for an easy growth migration path without costly obsolesce. If you already have an infrastructure in place, as is normally the case, we can assess the efficacy of this architecture in terms of your business goals and objectives. 

  • DNS, DHCP Infrastructures
  • IP Numbering Plans
  • Active Directory
  • Radius
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Cable Plant /Wireless/Equipment Room
  • Power / Environmentals
  • Switching / Router / Firewalls
  • Remote Access / SSL VPNs
  • Internet Access / Telecom
  • Core Servers (Active Directory, Exchange/Mail, Terminal/Citrix Servers...)
  • Application Servers
  • Desktop / Thin Client Computing

Design and planning are the next steps in building or upgrading an IT infrastructure. In conjunction with our project management services, we can assist your organization in all activities relating to a new infrastructure or the expansion/redesign of an existing one. Whether you simply wish to upgrade your LAN infrastructure, establish inter or intra facility wireless links or establish a secure virtual private networks, we have the know-how and experience to get it done correctly the first time. We are experienced in all phases from the cable plant to the local and wide area network design and implementation. Above all, we are very affordable. Why not contact us today for a free consultation?

What is architecture? There is no lack of disagreement as to what this concept means. Click here for a brief discussion on this subject.