Cyber Security


Think you're too small to catch the attention of hackers? Big mistake. Your company might be exactly what they want. Read the INC. article.

Why take the Risk?

The business that does not take cyber security seriously will not survive in the long term.

Ransomware, post breach regulatory reporting requirements, mandatory customer identity protection costs and loss of customer trust - any and all of which can put a significant financial strain on an organization. Why take the risk?

  • 15 per minute: Average number of Internet based attacks observed on Firewalls & Infrastructures that we manage for our customers

  • 0 per minute: Average number of successful Internet based penetrations on Firewalls & Infrastructures that we provide and manage for our customers
Case: The Target Stores breach: substandard network design, inadequate access controls, lack of monitoring - were all contributors to this breach.     Read more on the Target breach here.

Viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, pfishing, hackers - Attacks on your network can happen anytime without warning and come from anywhere (from the inside and from the outside). Any one of them could compromise vital company data, cripple important business systems and applications, leave you open to lawsuits, and in the worse case, put you out of business.

Guarding your data security against threats and monitoring network security is a complex task. Even large enterprises have difficulties and fail to properly engage I.T. Security experts, perform staff training on best security practices, develop and enforce security policies, and deploy the right technology to assist in securing their assets. More often than not, this responsibility is either ignored or left to vendors not qualified to perform these tasks. With more business using cloud services, cloud security is a must, but is often, unfortunately, "out of sight out of mind" until it is too late.

Common Customer Quote: "Our Internet Service Provider gave us a firewall so we are protected, right?" Right or Wrong?

L4 Networks employs highly experienced security professionals, certified firewall and network engineers.

We have built and monitored secure systems for customers in some of the most demanding and secure environments (medical, education, financial & manufacturing to name a few). We tailor our solutions to fit your organization, and deliver cost effective yet highly secure solutions to protect your infrastructure. We can help you identify and secure your information assets by implementing responsive IT security solutions that includes the three critical eliminates of people, policy, and technology. Details