Streamlined Solution for Small Business


Why L4 Networks?

L4 Networks partnership with Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud delivers the services you need to compete securely in today's business environment.

  • No annual contracts
  • Add-remove users monthly
  • Local "non outsouced" 24x7 Support

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  • Hosted Exchange - Drive employee productivity with mobile-ready, business-grade email, calendars and contacts.
  • Hosted MS Office - Powered by MS Office 365 and includes all office applications as an add-on to Hosted Exchange.
  • SecuriSync - Cloud file sync and share that gives users simplicity and mobility—and gives the business control and protection.
  • Archiving - Keep your email securely archived and easily accessible to assure compliance and speed eDiscovery.
  • Intermedia AppID - Improve security and cut help desk costs with a Single Sign-On service designed specifically for SMBs.
  • SharePoint Content Management - Share, access, and edit your business’s content in any location.

Office in the Cloud enables you to communicate, collaborate, manage content and deploy enterprise-grade application infrastructure on par with any big business. Each service is protected by enterprise-grade security and designed for mobility. And the services are integrated to make both users and administration more efficient.

Business benefits

Retain your capital and see rapid ROI

  • Avoid capital expenditure. No hardware to buy, no software to license.
  • Make your costs more predictable. Consolidate your expenses into simple, monthly per-user fees.
  • Lower your power and Internet bills. Use less bandwidth and reduce your electric bills.
  • Improve your revenue per square foot. Free up the real estate you’ve dedicated to on-premises hardware.

Assure your security and business continuity

  • Simplify your business continuity plans. Electrical, connectivity and storage redundancies keep our datacenters accessible no matter what.
  • Keep your business data safe. Our datacenters far exceed the security standards most businesses could achieve on their own. Intermedia is SOC 2 Type II audited.
  • Protect yourself from digital threats. We block spam, stop viruses, and monitor your data and services 24/7.

Enhance your IT capabilities and business agility

  • Extend Fortune 500-style tools. Empower your people with the world’s best business software.
  • Stay secure and up-to-date with no effort. We perform upgrades and patches behind the scenes to keep you current.
  • Make your company more mobile. Use and manage your cloud on any current device.
  • Synchronize data across different devices. Your email, calendars, contacts and more automatically sync to provide greater productivity on multiple devices.
  • Add users and services on the fly. It’s simple to scale your business at any time.


Discover a Worry Free I.T. Infrastructure

What does “worry-free” mean? It means that nothing distracts you from simply using your Intermedia services to their highest potential.

Reliability: You can trust our cloud to securely underpin your business.

  • Performance. Our cloud is so responsive you’d swear the datacenter is next door.
  • Availability. Our cloud is purpose-built to guarantee 99.999% uptime for most services.
  • Data protection. Our annual SOC 2 Type II audit attests to our gold standards for security.

Empowerment: You can manage and use your cloud any way you want.

  • Control. Our admin tools streamline IT management while offering granular configurability when you need it.
  • Simplicity. From integration to centralization, we make things easy for users AND administrators.
  • Mobility. You can both utilize and manage your cloud on any device.
  • Scalability. You can add or remove users or services whenever your business needs change.

Support: You can rely on us 24/7 to assure ease of doing business.

  • Customer Care. Our experts answer questions and fix problems—24 hours a day, every day.
  • Setup. We provision your cloud to match your specific requirements.
  • Migration. At no cost, your existing users and data will be migrated into your cloud.
  • Partnership. From adding features and services to offering strategic advice, we help you derive ever-increasing value from your cloud.

Mobility made easy

HostPilot also lets you manage your users' mobile devices across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Our admins can set security and message management policies, perform remote wipes and deactivations, and more.

On-premises levels of flexibility and control

Centralized management of office cloud by L4 Networks frees up office staff to work issues and become far more productive.