Hosted Exchange on Intermedia Cloud Platform


Microsoft Exchange is the world's leading platform for unifying a business’s email, calendar and contacts. More than 470 million mailboxes worldwide leverage Exchange to communicate, collaborate and compete at a Fortune 50 level.

In the past...Microsoft Exchange was deployed on-premises. This meant you needed to buy a server, pay for licenses, and hire an IT person to install and maintain it and fight the bugs.

With Hosted Exchange eMail, your Exchange eMail server is installed and managed in the cloud, as a service, with no fees up front.

You get all the functionality of Exchange with none of the overhead. We perform all installation, maintenance, upgrade and support activities on your behalf for a predictable monthly fee.

For users:

  • Business-grade email, shared calendars and shared contacts
  • Sync your data across all your devices
  • Extend mobility to smartphones and tablets on any OS
  • McAfee-powered virus and spam protection

For Business Owners/I.T. Admins:

  • No hardware to buy, no software to manage
  • More control and security than on-premises—but less complexity
  • Choose Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013
  • Centralize your management of users, devices and services
  • Integrate with your on-premises Active Directory
  • Plan flexibility: mix and match users and services
Exchange vs. Outlook: What's the difference? Many people think Exchange and Outlook are synonymous. They’re not. Outlook is the program you use on your computer to access your email, calendar and contacts—which is powered by Exchange. And while you can actually use virtually any email client with Exchange, Exchange unlocks Outlook’s most sophisticated productivity features.
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