Hosted PBX Testing

Before we’ll sell you a single Hosted PBX line, we will ask you to take a free voice quality test. If you’re talking to other providers, you’ll note that our test is more comprehensive and longer-lasting than the rest.

That’s deliberate. In order to help assure the best experience for people calling on your network, we’re going to put it through a stringent testing process. This is how we help ensure excellent calling quality even when your network is congested from file downloads or video streaming.

What is voice quality testing?

Voice quality test helps make sure that your network can support the additional load caused by VoIP phone traffic.

In the testing process, we’ll drive rigorous voice and data traffic to your network to simulate real life loads.

To perform the test, we will do the following:

More rigorous testing than most other providers

We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard. One of the key differences in how we test is that we’ll perform our simulation over three full days. This is important, because the traffic on your network often varies depending on the time of day and even the day of the week.

For example, think about when you perform system backups or transfer big files to your customers. These tasks create congestion in your network that could impact voice calling quality. And a short test will not detect them.

What we’re testing for

Our engineers analyze the stream of data packets (those bits of digitized information that flow through the network) along the following criteria:

What if we find problems?

In more than 90% of the tests we perform, we find no issues.

But when we do find problems, we do two things: first, we recommend that you hold off on your buying decision until you adjust your network environment. And second, we formulate a plan to fix the issues.

In some cases, this is as simple as adjusting your back-up schedule. In other cases, we need to work with your Internet provider, look at the firewall/router, LAN segmentation, and other I.T. infrastrucure items. As I.T. infrastrucure experts, L4 Networks is well poised to engineer a solution and fix that provides you the highest quality of hosted PBX service

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